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Hello! My name is Bill Winch. For the past 17 years I have been helping people lose weight safely and keeping it off for good. About 18 years ago I nearly died from being 70 pounds overweight. I tried costly weight loss programs, and many other so called diets, but nothing worked. I couldn’t do any exercise because of my chronic asthma and bad back. After implementing the information I am about to share with you, I went on to lose 28 pounds in 30 days, a total of 70 pounds in 4 months, and I kept if off!!  As a result of losing those unwanted pounds, I got off my asthma medication and my back pain disappeared…
It was incredible!
  • Are you tired of jumping from one weight loss program to the next without achieving the results you want?

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“Just a quick note to let you know you’re appreciated in a BIG way! I am AMAZED at the results and effectiveness of what you shared with me. I tried so many ways to lose weight and spent lots of money, but couldn’t keep off what weight I did lose. I am so thankful I found something that works!!! Your personal coaching and knowledge is PRICELESS... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”

Bette S.

“I know now for the first time that I can actually lose weight and keep it off. Because of your coaching and desire to help me achieve my weight loss goals, I now enjoy a healthier lifestyle. You have also helped me regain my self esteem and how others see me. I never thought this would all be possible as I am on an an extremely tight budget. You actually saved me money while getting my life back on track. Thanking you isn’t enough to express my gratitude."

Kevin L.

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